Meetcolab updates

Meetcolab updates

Super cool feature updates to make your interviewing experience better!


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We've been working a lot on our tech lately so that you can unlock your true potential as as interviewer. I'm super excited to take you through some of the awesome features we've added to Meetcolab.

What's new?

Your favorite whiteboard now with an option to save and clear

unnamed.png Whiteboard Mode allows you and candidates to visualize your thought process using shapes, lines, arrows and freeform drawing. The goal is to take you one step closer to the experience of a live on-site technical interview.

Take notes during the meeting with our best in town whiteboard which now comes with a feature to save all your work with just one click. Isn't this pretty cool! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Review the sketch drawn during the meeting later to get a deeper insight of the meeting.

We're excited about this feature and hope it will upgrade your interviewing process - no need for screen sharing or third-party whiteboarding tools anymore!

Learn more about our realtime code-editor and collaborative whiteboard.

Set permission level for your team members

unnamed (2).png

Have complete control over the accessibility of your interviewtype while still having the flexibility to invite other interviewers to your team The option to add interviewer comes with two permission level

  • Admin : Can add/remove members, see all interviews of this interviewtype and see slots of all interviewers in team

  • Member : No control over adding/removing members, can only see interviews conducted by them for this interviewtype, can only see their slots.

Learn about how to build your team on meetcolab and share various functionalities among team members.

Calendar Integration

unnamed (2) (1).png Calendar integration enables us to show only those slots to candidates which you've marked and also available on your calendar so you don't have to worry about any clash in your meetings.

Tip of the day ๐Ÿ’ก

" Learning to adapt is the key to success "

Each one of us have been conducting interviews in a traditional manner and somehow we've been used to it. But considering the new normal, it is the need of the hour to adapt to better technologies.

Our very talented user Akash, just upgraded himself from taking interviews on Google docs to Meetcolab and his feedback is just what motivates us to improve ourselves everyday. Read about how meetcolab has made his interviewing experience better than ever before.